Sarah Willard Couture

glamorous, timeless, elegant, romantic...

Created from sheer fabrics, with delicate laces, glass pearls, velvet ribbons and tiny details that add elegance and allure... 

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Going to a party or a special soiree and struggling to decide what to wear? Here's luxurious, understated, stylish  wardrobe essentials, that can be dressed up or down depending on the mood or the occasion and  worn time and time again! Wear dressed up with a skirt or dress, or team with jeans and boots too. They will take you from the office to an informal night out with friends, or  to a more formal dinner party and to a grand country house event too.

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E were so excited to design this collection, as it answered many of the wardrobe dilemmas that we have. You can read about it’s story here.