Sarah Willard Couture

A dress designed exclusively for you


Our Bespoke Service

  • What if you love our style of dresses, but you’d like a dress in a different colour, or in a different fabric, or with a different neckline etc. ?
  • Or if you have an idea for a dress and simply cannot find what you are looking for?
  • Or you would simply love to know that you will be wearing a very special “one of” a kind dress. 

Our bespoke service allows you to customise a gown, or have you own design created from a sketch on a blank piece of paper.

A bespoke Couture dress is a luxury; it's the chance to wear a beautiful handmade garment, designed just for you, that is cut to flatter your figure and fit you perfectly. 

You may have fragments of ideas that form the start of a dress; images from childhood, from dreams, from a time period in history, from style icons. Our skill is to capture these ideas and use them to create a tasteful and stylish gown that reflects your personality.

You can also choose from an extensive range of luxurious fabrics including silks, lace and velvets; browse through boxes of trimmings; tip out jars of pearls, beads and Swarovski crystals and let your imagination run wild. It's fun!

We only make a limited number of bespoke gowns each year so it's advisable to book early. For further information click here

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