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The Prettiest Spring Bridal Inspiration In Green And White - Part 2

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Oh how I adore the month of May! It is my favourite month, I love it when the hedgerows spring to life and are amass with pretty white flowers. As I write the hawthorn is in bloom, with it’s five petal blouse and pearl like flower buds. And the verges are full of dreamy drifts of cow-parsley too!

So I’m so excited to share Part 2 of the images by Oxi Photography from a Spring bridal shoot inspired by Dante Gabriel Rosetti’s poem “Silent Noon.” (You can see Part 1 here.) The poem describes a dreamlike vision of the perfect Spring day in a meadow with a loved one, there is no breeze, the flowers are in bloom and there is nothing to disturb the silence:

“…All round our nest, far as the eye can pass,

Are golden kingcup fields with silver edge

Where the cow-parsley skirts the hawthorn hedge.

'Tis visible silence, still as the hour glass…”


The dress is “Blossom” in soft layers of spotted English tulle in the palest ivory, with please detail at the waist, drape straps and lace appliqué cut from modern lace. It is the most romantic dress, in a silhouette that flatters too. There’s a delicate headdress by Clare Lloyd, and the most beautiful bouquet of white spring flowers by The Petal Shed too.

Table linens, and engraved cutlery and glass echo the Arts And Crafts Movement, but in a contemporary way, and the hawthorn scattered on the table is so pretty. Calligraphy in white ink by Inkflower Press adds a modern touch and features the words of the poem that inspire the shoot.


So how could you incorporate this into your wedding day? Well if you are thinking of an English Country Wedding, but want something a little different than the formulaic bunting, milk churns and chalkboards there’s plenty here to inspire you!

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