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The Prettiest Spring Bridal Inspiration In Green And White - Part 1

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I’m so excited to finally share these images with you. This pretty bridal inspiration shoot was recently featured on BLOVED Blog, styled by the most talented creative team. I’d met Clare Lloyd and Rosie of Inkflower Press on Instagram and we’d been chatting for months. We share the same design aesthetic, and whatever your thoughts about social media, it did (and still does!) allow me to connect with like minded creatives that I wouldn’t otherwise meet.

So when Rosie and Clare asked if I would lend some dresses for a shoot, I jumped at the chance. The shoot was to be with an all white palette and inspired by Dante Gabriel Rosetti’s poem “Silent Noon.”

“…All round our nest, far as the eye can pass,

Are golden kingcup fields with silver edge

Where the cow-parsley skirts the hawthorn hedge.

'Tis visible silence, still as the hour glass…”

Very early on a day last Spring I set off for the Silk Mill in Frome, Somerset, with dresses in the car. Driving through the English countryside made me glad to be alive! The world was just clothing itself in it’s spring finery, with the hawthorn laden with flowers , the rich grass a vivid green and the hedgerows full of cow parsley in full bloom.

Behind the scenes at the Silk Mill Studios

Behind the scenes at the Silk Mill Studios

The shoot look was influenced by Pre-Raphaelite styling, with a simple gown in beautiful fabrics reminiscent of Aesthetic dress. Seen here is “Helene”, in layers of silk organza and soft Point d’Esprit spotted tulle, and pretty lace appliqué flowers and leaves, and subtle pearl beading too. Hair was styled with simple plaits and the most stunning headdress by Clare Lloyd. Florals by The Petal Shed were an abundance of green and white, with hawthorn and cow parsley.

The simplicity of the all white palette allowed shadows and textures to shine through; the flower silhouettes and modern calligraphy in white ink; pressed glass, engraved silver cutlery and pewter cups. This is the “English Country Wedding”, but with a fashion forward and minimalistic vibe too.


We all knew we'd created something wonderful that day, the atmosphere was utterly magical. But I didn't fully realise the beauty of the shoot until these images by Oxi Photography landed in my inbox. I've been sitting on them for months, like an excited child with a surprise that's almost too big to keep! 

So finally!! I'm completely thrilled to be featured on B.LOVED Blog, and now I can share these wonderful pictures with you!

As seen on  B.Loved Blog

As seen on B.Loved Blog

So it's time to pour yourself a coffee and find a quiet moment to enjoy...

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