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How To Put On Your Couture Dress

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Lace wedding dress detail
  1. Allow plenty of time! Allow at least 15 minutes and you should be fine. Bear in mind though that time on the wedding morning goes so quickly.

  2. Undo the zip carefully and fully.

  3. Step into the dress without shoes on, making sure you are inside the petticoats. Only put your foot to the floor when you are sure that you’re not standing on the dress.

  4. Arms through straps and tuck hanging loops inside.

  5. Start lacing the bodice together, starting in the centre of the lace at the top and working downwards diagonally.


6. Don’t worry if the dress seems much too small at first, gradually as the laces tighten it is possible to do it up. If you put your hands on your hips and push the dress backwards it helps the person lacing you in a lot.

7. Keep lacing and tightening from top to bottom until you can get the hook and eye done up. Don’t start doing up the zip until the hook and eye at the top is done up.

8. Leave the dress on for a while before you tie the bottom of the laces as the dress warms up the dress will change and ease slightly. Tie the laces in a bow, so that it’s easy to loosen or tighten them if need be.

9. Hook and eye at the top of the zip, zip slowly and carefully and it’s done.

10. If there’s a buttoned section start by doing up the hook and eye at the top, and then buttoning the bottom button first. If you work your way up one button at a time it’ll be easier.

11. Shoes on, and a final check in the mirror, and you’re all ready for your wedding day.

Treasure every second of your special day, and have a wonderful time.

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