Sarah Willard Couture

We Did It!

Sarah ShorttComment

We still can’t quite believe that this happened last night!


Thrilled and very excited to say that this beauty is now sitting proudly in the studio. We’re regional winners West Midlands best dressmaker designer at The Wedding Industry Awards. Again!!

The biggest thank you to our wonderful customers who voted for us, not only have we been privileged to make perhaps the most important dress of a lifetime, but you have been amazing to work with. And to our past customers who helping us to shape the business we have today. And last, but not least to our nearest and dearest that have supported us through wedding season after wedding season.

And a huge thank you to The Wedding Industry Awards for understanding how important recognising quality is in a crowded marketplace, and especially to an artisan business like ours. Next stop - the national finals in London in January!

In the meantime we’ve some beautiful dresses to finish, and some stunning toiles on the go for next year.

But this evening the celebrations continue! Pass the bubbly! 

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