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A Truly Couture Dress

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Today  I'm sharing with you the story of a very special dress. So reach for your tea and be prepared for an incredible amount of sheer prettiness.

One of the joys of being a Couture designer is the ability to create something completely unique, to take a brief and an inspiration and push the boundaries to make a piece of art. This commission was certainly that. It was and never will be "just a garment."

Here is a dress created for a Gatsby party, vintage inspired, but certainly not costumey, fashion forward and modern too.

Oh my... cue lots of thought and lots of dreaming. 

Our "Great Gatsby" Pinterest board.

Our "Great Gatsby" Pinterest board.

A mood board of ideas

A mood board of ideas

We, ( and it is "we" because my client and I worked closely together,) began an inspiration board on Pinterest. A completely brilliant way of collecting ideas, refining a brief and establishing a design direction.  

And then the fabric sourcing began. We loved the mix of soft colours and metallics. Our shortlist of gold, silver, pastel colours and sparkles made us feel so inspired.

Once we had set upon this gold lace and soft pink silk satin, we allowed the fabrics to dictate a direction. We loved the dresses worn by Carey Mulligan in the film "The Great Gatsby", and wanted to create the soft prettiness of some of the dresses she wore as Daisy Buchanan. Although the 1930s was the Art Deco period, we wanted to capture the softness of layers of bias cut fabrics and floating panels that would fly with movement and dance. Flowers were cut out and used as applique on the high low hem, both on the lace layer and the linings underneath.  

.... soft, pretty, organic and dreamy!  

And then we fell in love with the idea of a detachable cape, with delicate appliqué, using the edge of the lace and the flowers too, 

And beaded with tiny glass seed pearls in gold and dusky pinks. And vintage sequins too. 

For couture designers this was a dream come true. We were given the opportunity to create something truly special that was hand finished with lots of love. We hope ( actually we're pretty sure we know for certain!) that this couture piece will be treasured for many years to come. 

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